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काल आम्ही चार जण MMIT लोहगावला गेलो होतो. आपल्या समुहातले स्मिता धुमाळे आणि बाबूसिंग पाटील काका पण आले होते. MMIT college campus आधीपासून बराचसा eco friendly आहे. तिथे खूप झाडं आणि सगळ्या प्रकारची आहेत. पावसाचं पाणी bore पाशी सोडायची व्यवस्था आहे. Bio gas आहे. Sewage treatment plant आहे. प्लास्टिक मुक्त आहे. अश्या ठिकाणी workshop घेणे हा खूप छान अनुभव होता.

Thanks @ Laxmi Shinde college मध्ये composting प्रकल्प चालू करण्यासाठी प्रयत्नशील राहिल्याबद्दल.

“It’s a great College having good infrastructure and atmosphere. Good Faculties and a great Environment of MMIT helped a lot in completing my Engg Course. MMIT provided me the platforms develop different facets of my personality that have made me a more competitive and balanced individual. The rigorous curriculum has provided a strong technical foundation in computer science and programming languages Thanks to MMT College.....”

“With MMIT and the memorable 4 years in our hearts, we have begin upon a journey filled with exciting new challenges. MMIT was a nice platform to enjoy along with the studies. I miss those days. It gave nice opportunity by giving good training for C, Java, PHP , .net courses during pre-placement. We are very grateful to the institute for attaining the roles of a mentor, a friend, a home and a positive force that keeps on propelling us towards success......”

 “MMIT was laid foundation to my career and also my personality .These 4 years were the best Years of my life .The placement cell is very good and is doing fantastic job. The college fest was the best here. Faculties here are motivating, something that’s really appreciable. MMIT changed my life in positive Sense......”

“Being a part of MMIT for 4 years made me learn and experience a lot more than just being graduate. It was an amazing experience to learn and also acknowledge the efforts that the MMIT holds for its entire student. Thanks for all support and learning given in these 4 year that made me stand part”

"The impact of MMIT college extended me beyond graduation,and a college of such quality provided placement & right guidance to me"