Computer Department

Sr.No.YearName of faculty/ StudentPatent DescriptionPatent App No.Date of FillingPublication DateStatus
1 2023-24  Mr. Sanjay A. Agrawal Machine Learning Based Gradient Boosting Regression Approach For Wind Power Production Forecasting 202321047867 A 16/07/2023 18/08/2023 Published
2 2023-24  Dr.Jyoti Deshmukh Transaction Flows And Transaction Processing For Bridged Payment Systems Using Machinelearning 202421008009 A 06/02/2024 23/02/2024 Published
3 2023-24  Dr.Jyoti Deshmukh ,
Dr. Mangesh Salunke ,
Dr. Megha Kadam
AI Based Air Quality Sensing Device 399323-001 06/11/2023 04/01/2024 Published
4 2023-24 Dr.Jyoti Deshmukh
Dr. Mangesh Salunke
Design And Progress Of Reversible Data Hiding For Improved Security In Data Transmissions 202321055625 A 19/08/2023 29/09/2023 Published
5 2022-23 Mr. T. S. Waykole A Deep Learning Based Image Processing In Computed Tomography Angiography With Machine Learning Interfaces And Method Thereof 2.02241E+11 23/09/2022 14/10/2022 Published
6 2020-21
Dr.Megha Kadam
An Intelligent air conditioning vent system for automobiles 202011043077 12/04/2020 29/04/2022 Published
7 2020-21 Prof.Tejaswini Sunil Bhoye Fnui-Real Time-Alert: Flood Notification And Real Time-Alert Using Iot. Innovation Patent Australia,Australian Government 2020102301 14/10/2020 16/09/2020 Published
8 2019-20 Ms. A. S. Mane
Mrs. S. K. Patil
Mr. S. S. Chaudhari
Iaa-Predictive: Intellegent Aircraft Accidents Predictive Using Machin Learning And Deep Learning 2.02041E+11 17/1/2020 17/01/2020 Published
9 2019-20 Ms. Y. P. Warke
Ms.K. S. Surawase
Iws-Device:Intelligent Woman Safety Device Using Ai Programming 2.02041E+11 10/1/2020 17/01/2020 Published
10 2019-20 Mrs.S.T.Shinde Ihy-Prediction: Intelligent System And Method For Advanced Harvest Yield Prediction Using Iot Based Technology 2.02041E+11 10/1/2020 10/01/2020 Published
11 2019-20 Prof.Tejaswini Sunil Bhoye I-Lift: Intelligent Lift 2.01921E+11 26/04/2019 17/05/2019 Published
12 2018-19 Prof. K. S. Surawase Rwdo-Machine: Rain Water Drain Out Machine From Pit Or Basement 2.01821E+11 09/03/2018 13/09/2019 Published
13 2018-19 Prof. S.G. Rathod I-Spray: Intelligent Thief Identifier Through Uv-Gal Spray 2.01921E+11 01/03/2019 01/03/2019 Published
14 2018-19 Prof. P. V. Deshmukh I-Switch Intelligent Switch Using Ir Receiver And Ir Transmitter 2.01921E+11 08/02/2019 07/06/2019 Published
15 2018-19 Prof. U. B. Karanje
Prof. S. A Agrawal
Intelligent Sign Device With Real Date And Time 2.01821E+11 27/12/2018 25/01/2019 Published
16 2018-19 Prof. P. N. Chanana I-Key: Intelligent Key Pattern Active Through Biomatric  Input 2.01821E+11 27/12/2018 25/01/2019 Published


BCUD Research Grant Received for following projects:-

  1.  “Drone Assistance system using Machine Learning “ amount Rs. 2 lacs
  2.  “Smart Health Monitoring Jacket” amount Rs. 2 lacs
  3.  “Remote Farming System “ amount Rs.1.90 lacs



Mechanical Department

Sr.Name of faculty/ StudentPatent DescriptionPatent App No.Date of FillingPublication Date
1 Dr. Rupesh V Bhortake SMART PD- Accepts finger prints and OTP code and allows access to Pen drive 201721034509 28/09/2017 29/03/2019
2 Dr. Rupesh V Bhortake "IP-SYSTEM: Intelligent Printing System To Remove Text On Paper And Reuse Paper, Ink." 201821025143 05/07/2018 07/09/2018
3 Dr. Rupesh V Bhortake Irvmc-Device : Intelligent Real Time Vehicle Mileage Calculation Device 201821049323 27/12/2018 25/01/2019
4 Dr. Rupesh V Bhortake "At-Air : Automatic Tire Air Filed And Air Pressure Display System" 201821049322 27/12/2018 01/02/2019
5 Dr. A. J. Joshi
Prof. D. M. Bhoge
Sucr-Cutter-Machine : Smart Underground Crop Root Cutter-Machine 201921009961 14/03/2019 29/03/2019
6 Dr. Anjali Jitendra Joshi IOT-ITPC-SYSTEM: Intelligent Tire Pressure Control System With Iot Technology. 201921009935 14/03/2019 29/03/2019
7 Dr. Anjali Jitendra Joshi
II-Parking System:Intellegent Independent Parking System 201921016528 25/04/2019 17/05/2019
8 Prof. G. L. Allampallewar I-LIFT: Intelligent Lift 201921016572 A 26/04/2019 17/05/2019

Civil Department

Sr. NoName of FacultyPatent DescriptionPatent Application NumberDate of FillingPublication


Dr. Atul Prakashchandra Khatri

Development of RCC Short Column with Metal Plate as a Confining Reinforcement




Leena Abhijit Deshmukh
Punam Bhimrao Kokate
Vaibhav Dinkar Sawant
Prajkta Dhananjay Shinde
Reshma Shantaram Fegade
Narendra Ramesh Kalbhor
Mayur Ramkrishna Gandhile

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