Fun-filled Activism by Brilliant Engineers Organization




FABEO – Fun-filled Activism by Brilliant Engineer’s Organization

This is the organization established to create unity in all the students of institute also to develop the personality, to enhance hidden qualities, skills, passion of the students which can be remain hidden if not given a proper platform to show their qualities. This is the organization of students, made by students and for students.

FABEO will not only give platform to students but also gives the proper direction to their passion by organizing various events, programs, seminars, activities that can help them to improve their qualities. As this is the organization of students, made by students, and for the students so that the students can be actively participate in all functions, events, activities without any embarrassment.

The whole information about the programs will be delivered to students by modes like social media and by verbally. It will take care about no one remain deprived of any information regarding activities. FABEO will also help us to improve the mutual understanding between students and educational system.

FABEO are also connected to number of social NGO’s and technical companies like,Bandhilaki Foundation and SevaSahyog.


  1. To Develop Unity among the students
  2. To Enhance the students Skills
  3. To Enhance the leadership among the students
  4. To explore thinking and ideas
  5. To develop Team Work

 Students Coordinators

  1. Gajanan Panchal 8888374987
  2. Pratik Kadam 7774831081
  3. RohitPawar 9623566681

Faculty Coordinator

Prof. S. S. More             9619404221

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