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Policy Document Maintenance, Housekeeping and Write-off



 The objectives of Maintenance, Housekeeping and Write-off committee is to guide and instruct the members to provide well maintained clean and safe educational environment for effective resource utilization under the Dean-Administration.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP):

A.   Maintenance:

 The committee will process maintenance work orders as per the need and the requests from staff through the head of department.

  • After the work order is registered, Functional Head in consultation with the Dean Administration will assign work orders to appropriate committee member.
  • If work order requires assignment of work to a contractor the same shall be forwarded for consideration and further action to Dean Administration and Principal.
  • If a member identifies a facility problem or Laboratory maintenance problem in campus, they either resolve the problem themselves or if they need assistance in completing work, it will be reported to the Functional Head for further processing.
  • The Functional Head assigns and monitors the Preventive Maintenance work orders. The documentation of completed work and an analysis of maintenance expenses are done.
  • Every month a meeting of all committee members is conducted by Dean, a review is taken and further necessary action for improvement is discussed in the meeting.
  • Every year budget is allocated for maintenance & housekeeping.
  • Necessary & required instrument are calibrated as per the need & norms.

B.   Housekeeping:

  • Housekeeping includes day to day cleaning activities like sweeping, washing, sanitizing inside the campus.
  • Regularly cleaning & sweeping of the campus building premises.
  • To identify & clean the area around the building periodically.
  • Regular sanitizing the washrooms to maintain cleanliness.
  • Schedules and records for housekeeping duties are maintained.

C.   Write-off:

  • Equipments which are beyond repair or have lost functional significance are intimated to committee through the heads of department.
  • Committee members personally check the equipments and convey the decision for further action like repair from outside agencies or write-off to higher authority.
  • Accordingly such equipments are write-off at college level with consent of Dean Administration and Principal.




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